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this ain't no illusion baybee It's time to be just who you are get over yourself in style now let's make it happen a new way of thinking is overdue now who asked you to pretend if you're ready I mean really then don't hesitate to get up get up get up let's get it in. we've been waiting for you for this moment to arrive we've been waiting for you feel the power touch the sky what if we took that chance and dream big get out the box get it how you live? get involved and we can get it all let's do it together I want to see you shining like the beautiful stars you are I know you're ready but you'll never know 'til you let go let Let's go do it right now chorus let me know if you're ready to come up ready to touch the sky I want to come up I want to touch the sky. You're so sky. chorus let me know if you're ready to come up ready to go ready to come up Ready to touch the sky
the trumpeters of death have come to dine and dance until we're numb from all the terror, leaders who scare us to killing ourselves safe explosion rips through finger tips they're selling the apocalypse on tv lying, children are dying as the levee breaks. Is this a dream there are killer machines up in the sky now what does it mean go for your guns or go for your dreams everyone here knows love is the hero of the scene I've seen the future baby this is good morning get on up ain't no looking back now it's on us the moment has arrived hear the battle cries and come alive you could be the hero tonight we're warriors roaming through the night guided by the satellite look blood on the playground nowhere to play now my aren't we safe the resurrection planet earth comes after we have raped her first from corporate die-in who wants to buy in (buy yin) black gold at stake Is this a dream there are killer machines up in the sky now what does it mean go for your guns or go for your dreams everyone here knows love is the hero of the scene I've seen the future baby this is good morning get on up ain't no looking back now it's on us the moment has arrived hear the battle cries and come alive you could be the hero tonight take a look it's a serial thriller up in the sky is a killer machine chorus It's a war on the world a war on the world everyone here knows love is the hero of the world heal the world..help hear the world killer machines
Precious 04:11
need a break from all things you yeah I think I gotta do it for myself cause i'm into you getting harder to control it dangerous when i'm close to you how nothing really matters at all but the rules to the game say just keep playing don't tell her how you feel if I play it too cool I could win or lose and that ain't even real can I tell you something real this is precious and I don't want to blow it you're so precious and I just hope you know it this is precious and I don't want to blow it does the boy get the girl in the end seems to be the question will I end up with my best friend or just another lesson I don't know where to go from here girl I really can't see this one at all but the rules to the game say man don't you change don't tell her how you feel but I don't want to play ain't about what you say all that matters is how we feel can I show you something real chorus well I ain't gonna stand here and tell you everything's gonna work out just fine hell I ain't even trying to convince you you could find a better love than mine even though the sex is good girl I gotta keep it hood you could walk away at any time unless I hear you say.. that I'm precious I don't want to blow it this is pressure I just hope you know it cause you're precious and I don't want to blow it this is precious I just hope you know it
what kind of lies are you selling me well you know I ain't buying I ain't the one who make believes you took me for a test ride now you're letting him drive what kind of hold does he have on you Is it cash you're after, well that makes you a muse with benefits but you just think I'm hatin' well all I'm really saying is what if it blows your mind what if it's just not right maybe you should go and think this over you're trying to get to heaven but you got a little hell to pay never been a follower I ain't about to start today believe I see you if that's what you want girl get what you want girl said that's what you want girl.. go ahead why do your friends keep telling me I'm the best you ever had I played a role in your fantasy but happy ever after ain't really what you're after what if it blows your mind what if it's just not right maybe you should go and think this over you're trying to get to heaven but you got a little hell to pay never been a follower I ain't about to start today I can't believe you and furthermore you told me that it's over so what you calling for and furthermore you said you didn't want my loving anymore look how you at me now you're trying to get to heaven but you got a little hell to pay I can't believe you played me to the left I'm salty about it but I'll be okay. I'm a be alright hey hey chorus
There You Go 03:32
there's something about you that thinks it's cool to keep me here waiting like I'm your fool I don't really want to be your fool no no no no more just tell me now and I'll move on you think you're so fresh I keep hanging on I don't really want to be here hanging on for you but you can't let me know there you go underestimating me again the shit was over before we ever began I know I was complicit but now I can dismiss it you ain't best for me and it's best I let cha be caught in a world wind I played your game I don't need a girlfriend that has no shame looking at me to place your blame people might say that it's just my time but a brother like me had to work for mine you know how much I stay on the grind I guess you thought I'd never know.. chorus
thought I'd be better off without you now I see just the opposite is true I'm sick and tired of sitting all alone my house is not a home I can't get you on the phone I can't believe I've been disrespected on top of that my emotion's been neglected I said hurtful things but I didn't mean it I thought the grass was greener but no one compares to you I don't know what to say don't know what to do about you can't live without you since you've been away I can't seem to sleep without you can't breathe without you everything is you baby can't you see everything is you and now you're gone everything is you what am I gone do cause I want you home from earth to mars are we that far I can't believe it's you trying to hurt me this friendly fire's killing me my lover is now my enemy if i'm at fault then you should know you had me at the moment you said hello lower your weapon embrace the blessing and please come home chorus baby tell me why please tell me why can't we work things out what am I gonna do cause I miss my friend don't you want a chance at paradise at this point there's nothing more to say oh baby don't throw this love away I'm begging you I cain't breathe I cain't sleep got me bent down on my knees hoping and wishing that you'd come home please don't leave me all alone may day may day emergency I need to feel you with urgency how you why you deserting me this is hurting me girl this is hurting me chorus
Sara Smile 04:09
you know the lyrics..even if I twist em a bit..
25 yrs to Life and he's gone look where he is now who's gonna help take care of home mother wheels (wills) herself into the court look where she is now will the judge take her only son who knows to the world you might be one person but to that person you might be the world you are somebody superstar who's gonna help her raise them kids and make them feel special let em know, let em know His-story lives cause daddy's gone don't let it slow you down you better know that you're special even tho, even tho daddy ain't around to the world you might be one person but to that person you might be the world (anonymous) you are somebody superstar hey there superstar you're the guiding light (I.A) we know who you are because you burn so bright wish up on a star tonight but if you want to see the light, then you've got to be the light that you are (saul williams flip) I want you babe I love you babe I need you babe
in a hustlers world with no one to trust but she ain't the average girl he lets her ride because she keeps him close to God now he wants out of the game but this ain't a life you can simply just walk away from so he buries his pain deep inside his manly pride I got some cash baby grab your keys don't pack a bag take what you need whatever helps ease your mind tonight we leave the city behind let's put the pedal to the metal let the top lean back I don't know where we're going I don't know what we'll run into I'm checkin' for you how you feel about that I think it's time we rendezvous now he's rubbing her back trying to work out a demon that's haunting her life someone took her innocence so trusting was hard for her until she found him surely her mother is concerned quit running around when will you learn but she said 'tomorrow waits for no one' tonight we'll leave this city behind chorus cause all he really wants is to be with you to feel your warm embrace to wake up and kiss your face now all she really wants is a love that's true tonight was made for lovers under covers now take your top down and let the girls be free :))) chorus
you can tell by the way that he treats her that's his love an undefeated love undefeated love you can tell by the way that he holds her that's his love an undefeated love undefeated love hey young man you be thankful for the gift of that girl she's in your world can you believe it be thankful everyday that you have found a true pearl something rare and precious a girl don't you dare be foolish you can tell by the way that he calls her calls her love an undefeated love undefeated love he get her everything man he spoils her spoiled by love an undefeated love undefeated love at night when he's alone out there you're on his mind to make you his bride can you believe it unconditional acceptance matched with real sacrifice that's what it takes a brand new life a family awaits a view for all time our love survives undefeated push through the pain and still we remain undefeated take my hand baby and walk with me Undefeated Love Like a champion rising above against all odds as long as we keep God we'll be undefeated Undefeated Love Put your hands up stand up if you been through it all Keep standing tall..
a child of so many talents she wonders where he'll go trying to instill the values of balance love and self control but something had a hold on him and would not let go so she said baby count your blessings and wish upon a falling star things have always been exactly like they are the child of a man (*his inner child) he was his closest friend and how they used to run together until no end eventually life would separate the two society had stripped him of all he knew and so he returned remembering his blessing before his bridge had burned to far things have always been exactly like they are sometimes what we have seems like the very least of anyting and all that we don't seems like the very most of everything but baby without love we both have nothing girl don't leave me with nothing I thought we really had something you've been chatting with your simple minded friends got you putting me down said a lil tasty something over there is where I've been getting down girl you need to call for a new dealer before you play that hand remember where we began oh you'll see exactly where I am baby count your blessings and wish upon a falling star things have always been exactly like they are oh baby count your blessings and wish upon a falling star.. things have always...


I found this message in my inbox and I felt it would be the best bio of all... check it out

"its now like 10:55 am

on a friday where my mind is dreaming of putting pencil to paper all weekend and drawing etc, my bussiness brain is working out how im going to save up to by a new mac to design on, and my logical brain is saying that the weekend is too short and ill get nothing i want to achieve done lol.

so i played my girl "lauren" your album last night, she has heard your stuff from ETB and RSM and for valentines day i made her a mix cd featuring daily bread,

she was about 2 mins into "waiting for you" on her 1st listen and was already singing the hook!!

now she is way way less soulful in her muscial choices, more along the lines of old school rock even to the point of liking some real heavy ish... not my general direction but still i can dig it... and she was blown away.

I dunno if that is a good thing but im happy she likes it, as the music you produce will be the stuff my kids will grow up listening to, like my folks did with Otis, sam & dave the temptations etc.... it must be humbling to know that there are people out there using your craft to fuel and educate the youth about true music..

with out my folks, i would never of made my musical discoveries, ones i hold dear to me, Funkadelic, sly, curtis etc bill withers cant forget bill, all stuff i was never shown but i discovered off the inspiration from youth.

1st time in a long time ive wrote a rambling email... but when i have something in my head sometimes its best out there.

so in conclusion.... LITH is good !! everything else is bad :)"

There ain't nothing like the sound of FREEDOM. Love Is The Hero is simply that, a freedom sound (as coined by Ledisi)

I say, if it's authentic and comes from your soul then it's appropriate.

I am honored to release Love Is The Hero and share with you our proud collection of work that hangs around in the ethers in the Rebel Soul offices from San Francisco to New York and beyond. It is my truth. I am thankful to have been able to create such work. I can only ask that you take a listen and if you like or better yet if you love it, then let the title of this work reflect in the decisions that you make in life...especially the ones that affect others around you. Let Love BE the HERO.

Stay tuned Rebel Souls, the deluxe version of LITH is not far away.

Until then...

the artist
Martin Luther McCoy, professionally known as Martin Luther, is an exceptionally talented singer songwriter who is fiercely determined to bring his brand of Rebel soul music to ears thirsting for truth, funk, rock and soul. Martin started writing songs at age six and now his gorgeous tenor voice has captivated the hearts of audiences worldwide with his ubiquitous cover of George Harrison’s Beatles White album classic, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps” which appeared on the multi platinum Across the Universe Soundtrack. A truly gifted music visionary whose penchant for fashion, blending of electronic and organic sounds, studying with the masters of hip hop, funk, rock and soul music all combine as ingredients for the making of a rebel soul. ‘’In the church, in the house and the streets, there was always music and all of it moved me…so it was just a matter of time before the melodies in my head and the words in my heart sought their own voice and set me on a mission to create what is authentic to me and add my pinch of beauty to the world.’’

the movement
With respect for his craft, Martin’s music encompasses the rudiments of rock and roll and the many flavors of rhythm and blues while adding the slap and slump of urban r-n-b and hip hop. Couple such an esteemed name with an unparalleled style of musicianship, then mix that with an innate ability to create sheer magic on both a guitar and a microphone and you can begin to understand his anointing.

The multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, musician and producer has been bubbling throughout the music and entertainment world for years and has already energized music lovers across the globe with collaborations with some of pop and hip hop’s finest. Martin’s last studio album, Rebel Soul Music, which spawned the fledgling hit Daily Bread, received amazing press and critical acclaim. Associated Press & People Magazine honored RSM as their critic’s choice and rated the album 3.5 out of 4 stars. He was also named VH1, “You Outta Know” artist for two separate months. With a video for the single ‘Daily Bread’ making it to VH1 Soul’s top ten, Martin went on to perform and tour with industry heavy-weights like Dave Matthews, Jill Scott and countless others. He has been seen by millions of fans as a featured member of the legendary hip hop band The Roots, which also landed Martin a coveted cameo in Dave Chappelle’s comedic concert film, ‘Block Party’. Martin made his cinematic debut as a lead actor in the Sony Pictures release “Across the Universe (2007),” directed by Julie Taymor. The popularity of the film and Martin’s contributions to the soundtrack continue to find new audiences. “I was raised to appreciate all walks of life and disciplines of art. When all the science and religious or political doctrines have passed, art will remain.”

the beginning
Born and raised in San Francisco, CA., Luther can recall many childhood years visiting the great state of Texas where his parents were born and raised. Although a summer child who bathed in the sweet soul music of the seventies, Luther found himself a Bill Withers and Sam Cooke fan who also cherished singing Stevie Wonder records with his older sister Jacqueline before being properly introduced to the electrifying perennial funk mob, Parliament Funkadelic. “My older brother Harold Jr. turned me on to P-Funk and made sure I could equally appreciate The Eagles as much as Rick James and by doing so, directed my course into the funky field of music.”

the calling
Being a student of the business of music from an early age, tackling the challenges of learning to produce and play guitar whilst other peers turned to making beats and rapping, helped Luther create an extension to his own voice and further allowed him to create his own musical path. “Writing words and melodies came quite naturally to me but translating them to music was a problem until I picked up a guitar. There are other forms of music that the guitar is exemplary in, but when it comes down to blues and rock and roll, no other sound can twist your spine like a dirty guitar line.”
Leaning more towards the arts and less towards the tenants of the streets of San Francisco, Martin Luther seized an opportunity for higher education and earned a Mass Media Arts degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. In 1999 He co-founded his own imprint label Rebel Soul Records and released his first underground classic, The Calling. In September 2011, Martin audaciously debuted Extra Terrestrial Brother by Martian Luther, a mix tape of his original material that, without any announcement or promotion, earned him additional critical acclaim amongst the bloggersphere as this record was only made available on his own website. “This project is an intimate love letter from an artist to his fans, one made that much more generous by its name your own price Bandcamp pricing. Recorded while on the road with a collective of similar musical nomads in between hotel rooms and at friend’s studios, the album is a healing antidote.” Soultracks.com

the future
Martin is now ready to release his next body of work, the mysterious and highly anticipated 3rd studio lp aptly entitled “Love Is The Hero”. Recorded in Atlanta, Ga. as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area, featuring talented musicians from across the nation and produced by Luther and his longtime collaborator Pascael Arceneaux, this record is passionately written and performed with intensity and love for his craft. Co-written and performed by a collection of Martin’s highly skilled musical army he dubs the “Martillary’’, Martin finds more time for his guitar work on the crowd pleasing robotic funk anthem “Waiting For You’’. Foregoing the current trend of oversaturated synthetic pop, this body of work returns to live recorded performances and is dense with lyricism, melody and enough vigor to will the hearts of men to greater things as is evidenced in the stadium ready “Count Your Blessings”. Soundscapes coalesce, ebb and crash into castles of innocent joy on songs like “Precious” while the spirit of the gospel church anoints a celebration of commitment on “Undefeated Love”. “Everyone here knows love is the hero” Luther screams on the vamp of “Killer Machines”. “Somebody Superstar” is a galvanizing moment for a ghetto nation that is clearly in need of an economic and social panacea as Luther reminds, you are somebody’s superstar. “This music is here to remind us of our greatness, our storied past and that we have the power to create any type of future for ourselves. Listening to it makes me feel colossal.” To many music lovers, rhythm and blues is a lost art form so in hearing such a heart wrenching cry for the affection of a spurned lover on the sentimentally sexy “Everything is U’’, Martin defies the current trend of uber machismo attitude and reveals himself as vulnerable and more importantly, as human if not super human. Love Is The Hero! Appropriately titled for the times, Martin Luther bravely and authentically shares his compassion for humanity and lays out his vision towards building a brighter future for all. Releasing his music directly to his fans first seems to be the method that works so music lovers worldwide should tune into the overwhelming frequency of love that is Martin Luther McCoy. martinluthermccoy.bandcamp.com Rebel Soul Records™, LLC 2012


released July 3, 2012

Executive Producers: Shawn Peters, Jeff Alston
Special Acknowledgment to the Alston Family, The McCoy Family, The
Peters Family, The Angelo Family

Rebel Soul: Russell Gatewood, Michael Aczon, Yvonne Angelo, Sanford Biggers


Mix Engineers: Don McCollister, Bob Power, Erik Madrid
Mastering: Randy Emata
Photography:     Lisa Keating  www.lisakeatingphotography.com
Grahpic Design: James Boughton www.commonlight.co.uk


all rights reserved



MARTIN LUTHER MCCOY San Francisco, California

Martin Luther McCoy, also known as Martian Luther, is an electrifying rebel soul artist hailing from the vibrant city of San Francisco, CA. Known for his collaborations with The Roots, MoonMedicin and SFJAZZ Collective, his unique blend of experiences has cultivated a deep and versatile musical identity, making Martin a standout figure in the contemporary music scene. ... more

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